Sugar Control Tablets
Sugar Control Tablets
Sugar Control Tablets
Sugar Control Tablets

Sugar Control Tablets

Peppermint Cool

3PM cravings? No problem. Featuring Gymnema, known as the “sugar destroyer,” our tablets help remove the taste of sweetness before cravings strike. When sweets become less enjoyable, you start to see them as the unhealthy, empty calories they really are.

Includes: 48 Sugar Control Tablets
Start by identifying your craving moments throughout the day. Let one tablet dissolve on your tongue ~one hour before cravings typically strike to remove the taste of sweetness and better manage sugar cravings.

Gymnema: Known as the “sugar destroyer,” a natural herb that helps remove the taste of sweetness.


Your New Cravings Defense.

Sugar. Is. Everywhere. So much so, it can feel overwhelming when managing your nutritional habits. It's time to take back control and we're here to help you build healthier, more sustainable habits. Let's start changing the way sugar impacts our bodies and mind, together.

Curb Cravings.

Blocks Sweetness.

Healthier Habits.

How It Works.

Sugar Control Tablets.


Manage your cravings more effectively by removing the sweetness before they strike.

    HOW: Pop a tablet and let it dissolve completely on the tongue.
    WHY: Blocks sweetness for up to an hour, letting cravings pass.
    WHEN: Every 3-4 hours or ahead of when cravings typically strike.

Inulin, Gymnema Sylvestre 75%, Sorbitol, Natural Flavors, Xylitol, Magnesium Stearate, Sweetener Blend (Reb M, Monk Fruit Extract)


Our Sugar Control Tablets use plant-based ingredients - Gymnema and Inulin. When dissolved on your tongue, the Tablet suppresses the taste of sweetness in sugary snacks and beverages reducing your desire to consume them.

The effects of one Sugar Control tablet can last up to an hour. Just long enough for that craving to pass.

Used for centuries and referred to by some Eastern cultures as the “sugar destroyer”, Gymnema is an herb traditionally known for its amazing ability to suppress the taste of sweetness in sugary foods and beverages.