Quitting or giving up sugar is altogether impossible in today’s society.  Sugar exists in almost 90% of the foods we consume today and it’s hard, if not impossible to go cold turkey.  Our story and our products are focused on a simple message- small steps can lead to big changes! Our mission is to create simple yet effective products that help you reduce your sugar intake over time and allow you to take back control of your sugar cravings.  Small steps, everyday leading to a healthier low-sugar lifestyle.



Our health and well-being is more important than anything else. Sugar is bad for us and we want to help people on their path towards better health.


The world of wellness can feel like a clique for only the most wealthy and able-bodied. We believe everyone should have access to tools that can help them live healthier, better lives.


We believe knowledge is power. We deliver the facts, share the science, personal experiences and anecdotes, and let you decide.


The health and wellness space is difficult to navigate, full of pseudoscience and misleading information. We are trustworthy and value research, the work of experts, and transparency.


Life is for living, people! Curbing sugar doesn't mean less joy - it means taking control and creating new habits that serve us better. Better health = more time for the really good stuff.

The Gram