Herbal Balance Tea
Herbal Balance Tea
Herbal Balance Tea
Herbal Balance Tea
Herbal Balance Tea

USDA Organic | Sugar Free | 100% Vegan | GMO Free

Herbal Balance Tea


Featuring a combination of dried flowers, roots, spices, and herbs, our tea is carefully crafted to support healthy blood sugar levels every day. Thanks to glucose-regulating herbs, one cup of our Herbal Balance Tea helps manage your appetite while improving your metabolism and digestion.

Includes: 15 Herbal Tea Sachets.

Made with a powerful combination of real, all-organic ingredients, our Herbal Balance Tea helps set the foundation for a low sugar lifestyle. Each ingredient was purposefully selected to support insulin resistance, boost metabolism, decrease inflammation, and improve digestion.
Organic Green Tea, Organic Ginger Root, Organic Dandelion Root, Organic Fennel Seed, Organic Turmeric, Organic Tulsi, Organic Gymnema, Organic Lavender, Stevia, Natural Flavors

Calm Your Cravings.

Supports Healthy Blood Sugar.

Instant Sugar Cravings Response.

Boosts Immunity & Digestion.

USDA Organic Ingredients.

Green Tea to reduce the absorption of carbohydrates, improving insulin resistance. Its blend of minerals and antioxidants provide natural energy, without the crash.

Ginger - delicious, spicy, and incredibly beneficial. It naturally supports pain management, improved digestion, and insulin response.

Nutrient-rich Fennel Seeds that are loaded with vitamins and minerals. Commonly consumed post-meal to support digestion, they can help regulate blood pressure and reduce water retention.

Dandelion root is jam-packed with vitamins and minerals that many of us lack. Its compounds help fight inflammation, improve cholesterol, and support healthy blood sugar levels. This is for fill

Turmeric Root is one of the most powerful ingredients on the planet. By supporting your body's natural inflammatory response, it can help prevent chronic illness while slowing down the aging process and supporting longevity.

Lavender Petals are just as impactful as they are sweet-smelling. Supporting your body's ability to combat skin dryness, inflammation, and free radicals. It's aroma relaxes, helps manage stress, and promotes a restful nights sleep while improving digestion and decreasing bloat.

AKA the "Holy Basil" - Tulsi has been used in SE Asia and holistic medicine for thousands of years. It helps reduce stress and anxiety through cortisol regulation while supporting blood pressure and heart health.

AKA "the sugar destroyer." Gymnema Sylvestra is proven to reduce the ability to taste sweetness, making cravings management easy while supporting healthy insulin and blood sugar levels.


We recommend having 1-2 cups per day - ideally post meals.  Herbal Balance Tea can be consumed both hot or cold.

Yes, our Herbal Balance includes USDA Organic Green Tea but at a minimal amount to ensure no jitters

Each pack of Herbal Balance Tea contains 15 pyramid sachets in a resealable bag.

Our recommendation for this blend is to prepare a 200ml cup of boiling water. Drop your pyramid bag onto the water and wait up to 5 minutes, depending on how strong you’d like your tea. Anything over 5 minutes may start to taste bitter.