Welcome to your tracking page!

Here's a guide to help you launch your new tracking page in under 5 minutes.

  1. 1. Add the Wonderment Tracking Block Section to your page.
    Click on "Add Section" on the left sidebar beneath 'Welcome Wonderment' and search for 'Wonderment'. Select it from the options.
  2. GIF of adding Wonderment Block
  3. 2. Add other theme native sections to enrich your page.
    In the same menu, try grabbing a few more sections that help you build the experience you want such as a featured collection or a gallery. Customize the sections in the right sidebar menu
  4. GIF of adding sections
  5. 3. Power up by adding other installed apps.
    Your tracking page is a great place for apps like upsells, reviews and more. Find them as sections or app blocks. Visit the Wonderment Integration Directory to learn which apps work best.
  6. Other apps
  7. 4. Delete this section and save your work.
    Nice work! You're ready to launch your tracking page. Now just delete this section by selecting it in the left sidebar and hitting the 'Remove section' button on the bottom of the right sidebar. Look for:
  8. Image of remove block button.