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Every person has a unique relationship with sugar, and your journey towards building healthier habits should be equally as unique. We’ve crafted the perfect 1-2 punch to support your low-sugar efforts. Simply, take a quick quiz and we’ll match you to a recommended plan based on your sugar relationship. 

Take our quick cravings quiz and we’ll match you to a recommended FREE TRIAL based on your sugar relationship. Just pay $4.95 shipping to start your low-sugar journey, today.

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Why Is My Sugar
Intake Important?

Just like other addictive vices, your sugar intake can have a significant impact on your day-to-day life as well as your long term health. Too much sugar can lead to a weakened immune-system, headaches, fatigue, and a poor night’s sleep. Sugar contains zero nutritional content, meaning those 3pm or late-night snack sessions are actually doing nothing to curb your appetite. In fact, they may be making you hungrier. By consuming empty calories, you’ll become hungrier sooner and ingest more and more calories as your dependency grows.

Beyond this, too much sugar leads to increased chances of developing diabetes, heart disease, depression, and cancer. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Developing a healthier relationship with sugar now, means a healthier you then.

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How Sweetkick Supports You.


A quick morning mix of our Body Balance Powder and your favorite AM beverage starts your day off the right way. Crafted to support more balanced blood sugar levels, you’ll leave those 3PM energy crashes in the past.


Built for stressful work days when cravings hit the hardest. Just pop a mint and start blocking sweetness. Each mint works up to an hour, allowing your cravings to pass and you to make a healthier snacking decision.


We recognize that overcoming your sugar addiction is a long, often arduous process. It’s hard to make better choices when your body has been trained to crave what’s bad. We’re here to help by providing you with ways to satiate those cravings in a healthier way.


We’re in it (with you) for the long haul. Our products are meticulously developed, and clinically proven, to provide long term impact. Plus, we’ll always be reaching out to see how we can further support you through our Sweetkicker communities and with new products.

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