Your Daily Shake to Kick Cravings

Try A Limited Edition Full-Size Sample Pack of Macro Shakes

  • Stay full and satisfied longer
  • Improve gut health
  • Supports healthy sugar levels
7 servings for $4.99 and free shipping
Of Protein
Of Fiber
Of Added Sugar
This tastes the absolute best!
“Both the vanilla and chocolate flavors are delicious. Plus, it keeps me full for a long time and makes me feel good.”
Miriam | Verified Customer
It’s full of the good stuff.
“It’s nice, super clean ingredients. I love the flax seed in it for fiber, plus the other health benefits. The MCT oil helps with recovery after a workout. A true treat made of nothing but great ingredients.”
Velvet | Verified Customer
No clumps and mixes easily!
“This is so smooth. It tastes really good and not chalky. Both the vanilla and chocolate are very good! I’ve already bought more.”
Stephanie | Verified Customer

Let's Hear it For The Good stuff.

  • Superfoods like MCT Oil for Gut-healing
  • Superior quality whey protein isolate
  • Prebiotic fiber to help with digestion
Gluten Free
GMO Free
No Sugar Added
No Artificial Flavors

Why Macro Shake

Stay satisfied and improve overall health

Increased energy and better sleep

Better for Digestion & Nutrient Absorption

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Try A Limited Edition Full-Size Sample Pack of Macro Shakes

As a new Sweetkick customer, we’ll send you a full size trial of Macro Shakes for just $4.99.

Included in the Trial Pack:

The Macro Shake Trial Pack is $4.99 + free shipping. After your Trial Pack order, you will have 10 days to experience the product for free and decide to continue with a monthly 2pk auto-subscribed.

You can cancel, pause or change flavors of your subscription at any time.

No stimulants.
No sugar added.
No gluten.
No artificial flavors.
No artificial colors.
No stimulants.
No sugar added.
No gluten.
No artificial flavors.
No artificial colors.

Nutritionist Designed & Community Approved

  • 24G Protein for all day fuel
  • MCT Oil boosts energy and metabolism
  • 9G Fiber for healthy digestion
  • Resistant Starch support healthy glucose
7 packs part $4.99 and free shipping

This Isn't Just Another Protein Shake

Macro Shake
  • Prebiotics to balance blood sugar
  • 0g added sugar, natural flavors only
  • 24g of protein for lasting fuel
  • 9G of fiber for gut health and digestion
Protein Shakes
  • Artificial sweeteners, flavors and colors
  • High sugar levels
  • Less than 20g protein
  • Zero fiber
7 packs for $4.99 and free shipping
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Effective. Delicious. Convenient.

Satisfy Your Hunger
Your Kids Will Love It
Put It In Your Smoothies
7 packs for part $4.99 and free shipping

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It’s super versatile!
“You can use this to make protein pancakes, or a healthy muffin recipe or yogurt. I had it to milk for a quick breakfast. My favorite protein powder!”
Lauren | Verified Customer
It legit smells and tastes like cake!
“I chose to mix it with my oat milk vs. water. It mixes super smooth with my blender. It’s kept me satisfied and reduced munching in my day.”
Jai | Verified Customer
It makes a satisfying breakfast.
“It’s a good shake mix. It’s not thick, but flavorful and dissolves easily. I use it in my little smoothie blender with frozen fruit and ice.”
E.M. Young | Verified Customer

Supporting Your Battle Against Unwanted Cravings

  • Feel full faster and for longer
  • Blend into your morning smoothie
  • Say goodbye to midday munchies
7 packs for $4.99 and free shipping