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Meet The Morning Drink That Kicks Sugar Cravings All Day Long

Start the day with Body Balance Powder: the powerful prebiotic drink powder designed by top nutritionists to help support healthy glucose levels and kick cravings all day long.

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Supports healthy blood sugar

Crushes the “afternoon crash”

Feel fuller longer

Prebiotics for gut health

No artificial sweeteners
or stimulants

A Morning Ritual You’ll Love To Stick To

4.3/5.0 based on 144 reviews

✔ Daily drink mix boosts healthy energy & reduces sugar cravings

✔ Super blend of vitamins, minerals & prebiotic fiber

✔ Supports healthy blood sugar

14 sticks/pack, 1 pack lasts ~2 weeks






1 Pack - $21

2 Pack - $37.80

2 pack = 14 servings at $1.99/serving
4 pack = 28 servings at $1.75/serving (save 12%!)

FREE shipping over $30 

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Let’s Face It: The Drinks You’re Consuming Daily Aren’t Improving Your Health or Your Life

In fact, they may even be working against you. Energy spikes and dips from high-caffeine beverages may even intensify cravings, causing you to make a beeline for the candy drawer.

Once you’re stuck in that sugar-cravings cycle, you’re back to facing the:

✖ brain fog

✖ skin problems

✖ energy crashes

✖ drive to over-indulge

Which can feel impossible to handle — at least on your own. It’s time to think twice about the drinks you’re consuming.

Here's How Body Balance Works WITH Your Body To Kick Your Cravings

Body Balance Provides Sustained Energy

Body Balance Powder uses vitamins, minerals, & prebiotic fiber to help you metabolize carbs and fats the way your body is designed to: for consistent energy all day long. (AKA: it's not tricking you into feeling awake with loads of caffeine and leaving you to crash a few hours later!)

Ingredients That Make You Feel Fuller For Longer

With star ingredients like prebiotic fiber for a healthier gut and Chromium for more even energy, you'll feel satisfied for longer throughout the day (and not at the mercy of sugar cravings!). 

Prebiotic Fiber Builds Superior Gut Health

Optimal blood sugar and metabolism both rely on an important foundation: a healthy & functional gut! With soluble prebiotic fiber, Body Balance Powder helps create the perfect gut environment for these energy-converting processes to thrive.

Flip Your Body’s Natural “Satisfied” Switch With Our Powerhouse Nutrients

3 Quick Steps To Keep Your Mind Off Sugar & Back To The Things That Matter

Step 1

Start your morning by pouring one packet of Body Balance Powder into your beverage of choice.

Step 2

Stir or shake to mix.

Step 3

Enjoy. (And repeat as desired during the day!)

Why Body Balance Fans Say They “Won’t Start 

Their Morning” Without It

4.3/5.0 based on 144 reviews

  • "Feel the DIFFERENCE"

    "I am so impressed...there is a noticeable difference in my energy levels and I'm not constantly snacking on sweets. I've always had a problem with sugar cravings, and let me tell you, this product has been a game changer."

    Stephanie P.

    Verified Buyer

    “Quenches my sweet craving”

    “The perfect pick-me-up for the after-lunch slump. Instead of hitting the candy drawer, I drink this and it quenches my sweet craving without a crash. Tastes great and keeps me satisfied.”

    Kristen D.

    Verified Buyer

  • "Saves the day"

    "Some days I run behind on breakfast, and that’s where SweetKick saves the day! SweetKick is an easy way to add vitamins and prebiotic fiber to your diet so you don't crave sweets."

    Yasmin W.

    Verified Buyer

    “Great alternative”

    “Sweetkick is really helping me kick my soda habit. It helps me drink more, stay hydrated, and tastes good without being too sweet. Can’t wait to try other flavors.”

    Alissa P.

    Verified Buyer

Are You Ready To Take Back Control Of Your Sweet Tooth For Good?

It's time to kick cravings & enjoy lasting energy with:

Holistic energy, gut & metabolism support

Prebiotic fiber for gut health

A new & tasty daily ritual

All-day energy: no spike or crash

Healthier, even blood sugar

Designed for low-sugar lifestyles

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