Why Do I Feel So Bloated?


Bloating (not to be confused with water retention) occurs when the gastrointestinal tract is filled up with air or gas and it commonly happens after eating. It may cause feelings of excessive fullness, tightness and even, swelling in the abdomen, making it hard to the touch.

Oftentimes, it’s accompanied by the ever so pleasant: 

  • Flatulence
  • Stomach gurgling 
  • Frequent burping 
  • Pain caused by swelling (aka distention)

You’ve probably experienced bloating and inflammation before and you know that it is maybe one of the worst feelings out there. Lucky for you, we have a little something that will help ease symptoms and relieve the bloating you or your loved ones may still be experiencing. But first, let’s understand why it happens.

Bloating is caused by your diet - things like (cough cough) too much sugar. Too much sugar and not enough fiber can cause bloating, which can lead to symptoms like constipation and gas. 

This is where our Body Balance Powder comes in. We believe wholeheartedly that what you put in your body will affect how it feels. Sugar is one of those things that can totally upset and overhaul your body’s natural functions, leading to bloating, fatigue, weight gain and additional health problems. 

So in order to reduce bloat, you can start at one of causes and reduce your sugar intake. One great way to do that is with our 100% vegan superblend of prebiotic fiber, vitamins and minerals that support balanced blood sugar levels, gut health and all-day energy. These powder packs give you the gradual consistency you need to balance out your body's sugar levels and get enough dietary fiber in your daily diet. This can help relieve discomfort caused by bloating. Just pour one a day into an 8oz glass of water and you’ll get a power-packed prebiotic fiber blend that will not only nourish your gut health, but help control our sugar cravings for ultimate results. 

Because we believe in a holistic approach to health, here are additional ways to avoid abdominal bloat and inflammation, specifically when it comes to sugar reduction and healthier lifestyle changes. 

Tip #1: Swap in water for soda.
Carbonated drinks contain gas that can build up in the stomach, causing bubbling and bloating. Pair that with sugars or artificial sweeteners and you’ll get gas as well. Drinking water eliminates these issues and may also help treat constipation! 

Tip #2: Keep a food diary. 
Tracking your food and liquid intake on a day-to-day basis will help show you a more holistic picture of your diet and certain problem areas that may be causing bloat, indigestion and inflammation. Knowledge is power and knowing your patterns can help you form newer, healthier ones.

Tip #3: Get active.
Next time you feel bloated, go for a walk or try certain yoga poses. Physical activity can help stimulate the bowels, releasing excess gas and stools. Certain yoga poses like Child’s Pose and Happy Baby can also help position abdominal muscles in a way that encourages the release of excess gas. 

Tip #4: Eat at regular intervals. 
Try eating smaller meals throughout the day or eat your meals at the same time every day. This will help regulate your GI tract and keep the digestive system moving.

If you feel like your bloating may be part of a bigger problem, always talk to your health care provider to learn more. 

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