Increase Energy Without A Sugar Crash


When was the last time you felt tired? If you’re anything like most Americans the answer is likely today.

And, listen, we know where you’re coming from! Exhaustion can sometimes feel like a requisite of adulthood. We work crazy hours, drink way too much coffee, and check our emails late into the night (hello, bluelight). But there are countless ways to improve your energy that don’t involve a sugary latte (shocking, we know). Here are a few of our faves:

Rule #1: Follow The Science

While your grandmother may have told you to eat three meals a day, studies show show eating small meals throughout the day is actually preferable for your body and mind.

Whether you practice intermittent fasting or not, make sure that the first meal of your day includes a protein source. Studies show that starting your day off with protein (which is found in breakfast foods like scrambled eggs or oatmeal) promotes satiety. Translation: you’ll feel fuller longer and have a newfound zest for life. Protein has also been shown to positively affect weight loss!

Another reason to be conscious of what’s on your plate? A lunch rich in carbs is a proven way to make your insulin spike and crash faster than you can say “can I please have an iced oat latte?”

Research suggests that a mediteranean diet (think veggies, healthy fats, and protein) also increases all-day energy. Another bonus of the diet: you can imagine you’re lounging on the beach in Santorini when you’re actually stuck in the line at school drop-off!

Rule #2: Plan Ahead

Planning. We’re so good at doing it for everyone but ourselves. But the best way to meet your goal is to set yourself up for success.

In the same way that booking an exercise class in advance actually makes you go, packing yourself snacks each day also prevents any last minute food decisions.

We know how tempting (or just easy) it can be to run out the door without eating breakfast. But the #1 way to not succumb to a last-minute Starbucks muffin? Pack yourself snacks!

When you eat small snacks, such as a handful of almonds or an apple, your brain perceives the same amount of fuel as when you eat a big meal. This means you can snack freely and avoid the dreaded afternoon sugar crash. Nature gave us free-flowing snacks for a reason!

Liveliness is only a few lifestyle swaps away!