If You Want To Cut Sugar, You Need To Know About Gymnema

You Need To Know About Gymnema


In recent years, Gymnema has gained a cult-like following of wellness fans because of its scientifically-backed health benefits. But what is Gymnema, and why is everyone so obsessed with it? Here’s everything you need to know about Gymnema.

What Is Gymnema?

Gymnema is the common name for Gymnema Sylvestre, a shrub found in India, Africa, and Australia. India’s ancient medical practice, Ayurveda, uses Gymnema to treat everything from malaria to snake bites.

Over the past few years, Gymnema has grown increasingly popular among the scientific and health communities because of its ability to aid in weight loss and decrease sugar cravings.

What Does Gymnema Do?

The better question might be, “what doesn’t Gymnema do?”

Scientific research has shown that Gymnema can suppress the taste of sugar, help control appetite, and even lead to weight loss. Gymnema’s health benefits owe their power to Gymnemic acid, a compound that suppresses the taste of sweetness.

But How Does Gymnema Work?

We know, we know! Gymnema sounds like just the ingredient you’ve been searching for (hint: that’s why it’s in Sweetkick).

Research shows that when consumed, Gymenmic acid temporarily blocks the sugar receptors on your tongue. So, when you ingest Gymnema and eat a cupcake directly after, you taste nothing. Yes, you read that correctly. Need we say more?

Is Gymnema Safe?

While Gymnema is considered safe for most adults, we recommend exercising caution if you’re pregnant, diabetic, or undergoing surgery soon. Children should not consume Gymnema. We suggest consulting with your doctor if you have any questions or fall into these categories.

How Should I Take Gymnema?

Gymnema comes in a variety of forms, including tea, powder, and capsules. Our favorite way to take Gymnema is by popping in a Sweetkick Sugar Control Mint. These plant-powered mints block the taste of sweetness for up to an hour and contain prebiotic fiber for a healthy digestive system.

Beat your sugar habit with Gymnema, the active ingredient that gives Sweetkick it’s kick!