Defeating The Holiday Sugar Hangover.

It’s been a month. A month of over indulging, a month of a “just one more won’t hurt” mentality, a month of too much sugar. Unfortunately for us, a sugar hangover feels very similar to a booze-induced one - headache, fatigue, shakiness, general crappiness are just a few of the symptoms. 

So why does our body feel like this and how can we avoid it? Well, let us start by describing what exactly happens when you eat sugar. 

First, when you consume anything, your pancreas secretes a hormone called insulin into your bloodstream to break down those carbs for energy. 

A well-balanced meal contains complex carbohydrates that your body breaks down more gradually, as well as protein and fat to further slow that carbohydrate absorption, while a very high-sugar meal or beverage can cause an exaggerated amount of insulin to release. As this insulin peaks, your blood glucose will start falling quickly causing a crash and burn effect.

When this happens, symptoms can include fatigue, headache, irritability, dizziness, confusion, blurry vision, shaking, sweating, and hunger, according to the Mayo Clinic. 

So, how does too much sugar affect our mental health? Well, to put it bluntly, a lot. ​​Multiple studies have found a link between diets high in sugar and depression. This is because overconsumption of sugar triggers imbalances in certain brain chemicals that can lead to depression and anxiety. 

In addition, we all know how stressful the holidays can be - sugar excluded. When you add that back in, you’re actually weakening your body’s ability to respond to stress. Researchers at the University of California, Davis found that “sugar inhibited stress-induced cortisol secretion in healthy female participants,” however, the temporary relief sweets provide can also make you more reliant on sugar, and raise the risk of obesity and its related diseases. 

So what is the holiday sugar hangover cure? Well, we’ve got a few simple tricks and tips. Your motivation starts now, with a little help from us, of course. 

Step 1: Quit eating sweets! 

This may be obvious, and also the most difficult, but the easiest way to get out of this sugar-induced coma is to stop eating it in the first place! Our Daily Kick can help you with this. It includes our Body Balance Powder, to keep you fuller, longer, and our Sugar Control Tablets, to stop the cravings in their tracks. 

Step 2: Drink more water 

Flush out the excess! Keeping your body hydrated will help flush out toxins and clean up your system. 

Step 3: Restore your gut 

Sweets cause inflammation, promote overgrowth of harmful yeast and bacteria, and irritate the gastric lining. We know the importance of gut health, which is why you can restore yours with our Body Balance Powder, a vegan, prebiotic blend of vitamins and superfoods that work to keep your gut healthy and your digestive system on track. 

Step 4: Get moving! 

Physical exercise will help get your lymphatic system going to help drain the body of excess toxins, while rejuvenating cells. 

Step 5: Help our your liver 

Last but not least, help your liver flush these toxins with liver detox nutrients like milk thistle, dandelion, beet root, panax ginseng, and more. Your liver works super hard to process these sugars in the first place! 

Did we leave any tips out? Let us know in the comments.