Healthy For The Holidays.

We’re surrounded by chocolates, wines, desserts and sugar-loaded foods/drinks during the holidays, which in turn can cause stress due to unwanted cravings or comfort food quick fixes. To help you stay strong and avoid overloading on sugar this holiday season, we’ve provided five healthy habits to try to support you this month. 

Healthy Habit #1: Fill Your Plate… With The Good Stuff First 

When you face a table of treats or a buffet style spread, our eyes often get larger than our stomachs. To avoid overdoing it on the sweet stuff, try filling up your plate with the healthiest options first - like vegetables, lean meats, etc. Then, try to eat everything slowly so you don’t over consume. Believe it or not, it takes at least 20 minutes for your brain to realize you’re full! 

Healthy Habit #2: Keep up the physical activity 

Whether you like to run, walk or play tennis with friends -- keep up your physical fitness routines to counteract any sugary temptations you may have indulged in. 

Healthy Habit #3: Try not to skip meals 

An easy way to overeat or give into cravings is to skip meals in order to “save room for the big feast later” or “indulge in those five cookies instead of one for dessert.” When you skip meals, your blood sugar gets harder to manage and it’ll be a lot harder to control what you eat. 

Healthy Habit #4: Try some Sugar Control Tablets  

If you’re finding it hard to say no, try blocking the sugar taste receptors in your mouth with our sugar control mints. Just pop a mint before heading to your next big feast and you’ll be able to block your sweetness cravings for up to one hour! 

Healthy Habit #5: Don’t worry about slipping up! 

Just because you slip up one meal, does not mean you’ve ruined everything! Go easy on yourself during this time as it’s easy to indulge -- and fun! Don’t limit the joy you are having with friends and family, especially if that joy comes in an extra sweet treat or serving of macaroni and cheese. Just remember to get on track the next day.