5 Simple Ways To Avoid Overeating During The Holidays

Avoid overeating during the holidays.


 You know that way-too-bloated feeling you get after a holiday binge? Us too. 

The holidays are a time when we get together with our family and friends and indulge a little too much (no judgment here). It happens to the best of us! 

But if you’re new to living a low sugar lifestyle, you may be wondering how you can still participate in the holiday festivities. Here are five Sweetkick-approved tips for a healthy holiday season: 

Fill Up On Healthy Fats and Protein 

Outdated diets often tout the idea that all fats are bad. The truth is that fats are an essential part of a well-balanced diet! 

The healthy fats inside avocados, olives, and edamame are all recommended as a part of a well-balanced diet. Even better, these healthy fats keep you feeling fuller longer. You’ll find that when you fill-up on natural and unprocessed snacks, you’re less tempted to graze. 

Opt For Healthy Holiday Alternatives 

Just because everyone else is eating pumpkin pie doesn’t mean you need to! The internet is rife with healthy holiday snack alternatives (try these watermelon Christmas trees). 

This holiday season, challenge yourself to make three healthy-ish snacks. Caprese bites and veggie platters are both crowd and taste-bud pleasers. By giving yourself alternatives, you’ll walk away from the holidays with a few new recipes and your health on lock. 

Prioritize Self-Care During Your Festivities 

Between seeing family and friends, traveling, and present shopping, the holidays can be a super stressful time. It’s also easy to overeat or fall into a less than healthy lifestyle when new routines and people enter the mix.  

Prioritizing self-care can mean different things to different people, but you must make time to connect with your body and mind this holiday season. Journaling, writing gratitude lists, and meditating are great ways to curate mindfulness around everything you do (eating included). 

Try A Holiday Workout Challenge 

Working out is our go-to stress reliever! If you’re someone who’s frequently tempted to overeat when you’re stressed or tired, a new workout routine can help you realign with your goals headed into the New Year. 

From yoga challenges to HIIT, the online workout space is booming. Commit to a challenge and invite your friends and family to join you! If anyone is reticent, you can tell them that working out can decrease your sugar cravings

Focus on Sustainable Lifestyle Changes 

At Sweetkick, we’re big fans of eating habits that focus on sustainability (our blog on mindful eating is a great intro). Instead of attempting to avoid all sugar this holiday season, aim to treat yourself to one cookie or treat here and there. Enjoy yourself, and pop in a Sweetkick mint so that you don’t overindulge when you’re done. 

Remember, balance is the name of the game!