5 Easy Tips For Living A Plant-Based Lifestyle

A Plant Based Diet


What Is A Plant-Based Diet? It seems like this buzzword is popping up everywhere these days, so we thought it was time we broke it down.

At its core, a plant-based lifestyle is all about limiting animal products and processed foods. While plant-based diets and veganism have some things in common, plant-based is more flexible and allows for incorporating things like meat and more processed foods on occasion.

Because plant-based lifestyles are so adaptable, they’re a sustainable choice for those who want to enjoy the health benefits of a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle without the rigidity. Whatever your goal is for adopting a plant-based lifestyle, these tips will help you make the transition as easy as possible.

Our 5 Tips for a Plant-Based Lifestyle

  1. People switching to a plant-based lifestyle often worry about how they’ll get all their nutrients and protein. Our number one tip for maintaining a plant-based diet and fulfilling your dietary needs is to opt for low sugar, satiating foods. A well-rounded diet made of plant-based proteins like chickpeas and greens are versatile and will fill you up. But what if you struggle with snacking? Replace sugar-packed snacks with one of our go-to low sugar smoothies.
  2. Any new lifestyle is prone to slip-ups. One of the best ways to avoid tempting fate is to come prepared. Packing plant-based snacks like berries and almond butter while you’re on the go will set you up for success and keep you satiated. Keep our Sugar Control Mints (they’re vegan with no stimulants) on hand so that you don’t fall victim to any candy bars masquerading as good-for-you protein bars. 
  3. Have a mindset of replacement, not restriction! Instead of saying, “I’m no longer eating cheese,” say, “I get to try plant-based cheese alternatives.” Adopting a plant-based lifestyle can be a challenge, but you will see how much more rewarding it is to approach it with excitement and exploration.
  4. Take it one meal at a time. Instead of revamping your whole diet overnight, focus on swapping out one meal each day. Many people new to a plant-based lifestyle, for instance, struggle to find plant-based breakfasts. Experiment and try out new recipes until you have an arsenal of go-to plant-based recipes. Rinse and repeat until you have a whole host of plant-based recipes you know and love!
  5. Know your ‘why’. The truth is that adopting a lifestyle just to lose weight isn’t sustainable. Go plant-based lifestyle because of the slew of health benefits it offers, a lower environmental impact, and because you care about animals. Connect with like-minded people in Facebook groups and follow plant-based influencers for inspiration. You’ll also need the support of your family and friends, so share your reasons for going plant-based loud and proud! You never know who you’ll inspire to adopt a healthier, more plant-based lifestyle, too.