Harley Pasternak: Are We Wasting Our Time At The Gym?

Listen to Sweetkick Co-Founder Harley Pasternak on GoopFellas:


“The degree to which the diet is difficult to follow will determine how long someone will continue to do it,” says nutritionist and trainer Harley Pasternak. Why we like his conversation with Seamus Mullen and Will Cole: Pasternak doesn’t believe in dieting. He doesn’t believe in extreme exercising. He’d rather we go for a walk and call a friend. He understands why we like sugar (he’s also the cofounder of a mint brand called Sweetkick). Today, Pasternak shares the food, movement, and stress management philosophies—along with a system for tracking personal wellness goals—that has helped his clients (including half of Hollywood’s action stars) to feel their best.